Speak Lyfe & Breathe Sessions

Speak Lyfe & Breathe sessions were designed to help when coping with mental health battles such as; anxiety, depression, addiction, stress management and suicidal thoughts. With these sessions, we use guided meditation and affirmations to calm the mind and replace any negative thoughts with positive thinking. We​ will begin the session with conversation based on a relatable topic, which will allow the women to release. The overall goal in this session is to remind them of the greatness that is already inside of them. By hearing the testimonies of others, we believe they will be empowered to embrace loving who they are and be strengthened by the courage of others.​

Financial Wellness Workshops

Jasmin Medley has over 9 years of experience in the financial industry. She is extremely knowledgeable with assisting clients with money management to reach any goal they may have. Jasmin specializes in everyday banking services such as checking and saving accounts, credit building, and small business consulting as well. As a Financial Advisor for Her Sins Are Forgiven Inc., she will hold classes to inform clients how to open a bank account and create a financial plan for short-term and/or long-term goals. From learning to save and budget money, to establishing or reestablishing credit, or becoming a boss and creating a business; Jasmin will help our clients reach financial success.

GED Tutoring

Wise Teachings has created a program specifically to meet the needs of our clients. Our goal is to reconnect adult learners to innate learning skills and foster their development. In order to increase success, learners will be introduced to Math and Reading using different techniques. Participants will be divided into groups based off of how they learn best when introduced with new material. Once the participant has mastered the skill, the material will be reintroduced using alternate techniques. There will also be a reintroduction of basic reading skills to reassess missed opportunities in previous teachings. The GED Tutoring Program will be set aside from the rest as the goal is not to teach to the test but to teach for success.

Job Readiness Program 

We understand that one of the main components of successful reentry is job placement. Therefore we have created a Job Readiness curriculum to ensure that our clients are prepared for their next job offer! The program includes but is not limited to:
  • Resume Creating and Updating
  • Assessment Preparation
  • Email Registration
  • Monthly Interviewing Classes 
  • Interview Etiquette and Follow Up 
  • Interview Attire 
  • Potential Job Placement 

One on One & Group Support 

Our clients will meet weekly with our Reentry Peer Support Specialist. Clients are able to share their stories, challenges, and coping strategies while holding one another accountable for their actions; both positive and negative. The group setting allows clients to feel more empowered, and provides a sense of togetherness while one on one support allows a client's individual needs to be met. Group sessions will discuss various topics and clients will check in, provide feedback to each other, perform an activity, and close with an "assignment" to follow up with during the next session. 

Parental Support & Mentoring

Karen Brotherton-Julien, MS, has worked with children and their parents as an academic and life skills coach for more than 20 years. Through communication, commitment, & guidance, she will recreate and revitalize parental and social relationships by developing a true portrait of the “whole” parent-child union. Karen's approach includes the three M’s to encourage personal success – Mentoring, Monitoring and Motivating. Her experience and academic expertise will help her nurture and develop individuals into socially sound, productive members of society. Karen will promote strong, positive habits that encourage successful mental and emotional development.

We want our clients to feel supported at every level, in every way. Each professional that provides a service for Her Sins Are Forgiven is passionate, motivated, invested, knowledgeable, caring, and non judgmental. We understand that the nature of our organization is a sensitive one, and we respect all client's privacy, rights, and desires. 

Featured Right to Left: Shavon Boykin, Jasmin Medley, Keona Brown, and Karen Brotherton-Julien 


Monthly, weekly, and daily bus passes will  be provided to our clients based on their transportation needs. We recognize that both transportation and finances may be a barrier. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have access to work, job interviews, our programs, classes, resources etc. 

ID Cards/ Driver's License 

We provide funds and resources for clients to obtain a Maryland Identification Card/ Driver's License.

Birth Certificates 

We provide funds and resources for clients to obtain their Birth Certificate.